New Book Review!

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Hank and Gracie’s book has a new review in the fall issue of Creative Knitting Magazine


We are so excited! Thank You Creative Knitting!

Would you like a copy? You can get it at Cooperative Press, Amazon.com, or from me at work!

Take Your Dog to Work Day!

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Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day!  Going to work is nothing new to Hank or Gracie but Hank doesn’t really know anything else! He’s been coming to work with us since the very day we picked him up at Ashcot Westies in Houston – He spent the rest of the day asleep at The Knitting Nest while there was a steady stream of visitors who had been expecting his arrival – Geeze, you’d think the stork had brought him!  But he was so tiny!!


Pretty soon Hank ruled the store and people came in just to see HIM!

hank at work 1

Then we made another trip to Houston and Gracie joined the family – and then we moved around the corner to South Congress and they found their favorite place – on the couch.

on the couch

They spent lots of time asleep on the couch or just sitting there watching customers walk through the store – it was fun to watch people walk around the corner and see them both sitting there – Hank was usually wagging his tail like crazy because he’s our official greeter like that.

Now that we’ve closed the store and moved back into the Insurance world, nothing has changed.

They still go to work with us every day and they each have their favorite spots in the office.  Gracie likes to sleep under the desk close to David and Hank stays pretty close to the front of the office so he can monitor the parking lot and wag his tail at the kids who go next door to learn to drive.


Celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day on Friday if you can! Who wants to stay at home alone all day by themselves?