Since Hank and Gracie stopped hanging out in the yarn shop all day and now hang out in the insurance office they have learned a lot about insurance.  Did you know that Pets can have their own health insurance – and it works just like insurance for humans?


We just began selling Pet Insurance through Farmers and it’s pretty amazing – you get several packages you can choose from – just a basic shot package all the way up to a cancer policy. (It works a lot like the new Homeowner’s policy Farmers has just begun to sell – some people only want to insure against the worst possible thing – and some people want to insure every single thing they own with the lowest deductible they can choose.  Do you want a 99 cent hamburger or do you want a Quarterpounder with Cheese?) You can also choose what deductible you want for the package so you can decide how much you want to pay – the most basic package is about $1 a day.  That’s pretty affordable when you consider we spent about $1800 repairing Hank’s torn ACL this spring and last summer a quick taste of a Toad cost $700 and 4 long hours in the ER with some really sick dogs.

If you are interested in a quote please send me an email – all I need to get you started is a little bit of information:

  1. Pet’s Name,
  2. Dog or Cat,
  3. Breed of Pet,
  4. Age of Pet,
  5. Have they been diagnosed with any illness before – Yes or No
  6. Your email address to send the quote to.

The quote is free and no obligation – we think pet insurance is important because we think of Hank and Gracie as a very important part of our family – and we’d love to sell you a policy because, after all, we do have two very spoiled dogs that need treats and cute sweaters!!