A New Dog Park in Kyle!


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Hank and Gracie are VERY excited to find out that Kyle will soon have a new Dog Park right down the street from our office! We’re happy to read that the park will be divided into two sections – big dogs and little dogs (who think they’re big dogs)  Gracie usually fits into that last category – Dr. Van Brunt calls it “Little Dog Syndrome” – little dogs who act like they’re a Great Dane because they’re safely attached to their leash.  She’s all barky until the dog looks at her and then she hides.  It’s funny.

The City of Kyle may be doing some fundraisers to help build important things like benches, trash cans and landscaping. (Dog parks need LOTS OF TREES!!)  We will be sure to let you know if you’d like to help.

Did you know dogs are good for you? (The American Heart Association has actually done a study about it!)  They help reduce stress, keep your mind sharp and and calm down people who are agitated. They help with things from Alzheimer’s to Arthritis.  Many people don’t want the everyday responsibility of a dog – going to a dog park would be the perfect solution.  Get some fresh air and Vitamin D and find a park bench – you’ll have a curious visitor pretty soon who would love some attention.

Keep Your Pets Warm

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If it’s too cold outside for you – then it’s too cold for them.

Hank and Gracie are lucky – they spent the last few days bundled up inside watching Lifetime movies and only going outside when it was  most inconvenient for me (that means I was asleep) and then only for seconds at a time.

But we hear the barking.  We hear the dogs in our neighborhood begging to come in as the sun sets and they wait for their owners to (hopefully) come home from work and let them in to warm up.  If you have to leave your pets outside make sure they have a warm place to sleep (covered and out of the wind) and lots of water and food.

It’s illegal in a lot of places to chain a dog up outside – and if you have to chain up a pet ……. then you don’t need to own a pet.

Help for Hurricane Harvey Pets

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Animal lovers are the best!!

Austin Pets Alive! has come to the rescue of the thousands of dogs and cats in the path of Hurricane Harvey and now need a home.  Texas animal lovers have risen up and donated all kinds of wonderful THINGS that they needed to house these animals (extra crates, blankets and towels, etc.) and now they’re (pardon the pun) SWAMPED with these things and don’t have any more room.  They don’t need any more – what do they need?


Money for dog food. Money for cat food. Money for medicine. Money for medical tests. Money to pay their staff and doctors. Money to pay their utility bills.    

Did you know that the intake costs for 100 animals is $10,000?  That’s a lot!

They also need volunteers to help and people to foster animals.  But you have to be registered to help – please don’t just show up.

If you would like to donate some MUCH NEEDED MONEY or learn more about the many ways you can help, please go here to find out more: Austin Pets Alive!

And Hank and Gracie would like to send out special Love and Hugs and Kisses to our very first mom and the veterinarian who delivered us both – Dr. Kay McGuire.  Her office was spared but her home was completely flooded and she has lots of work ahead of her.  We love you Dr. Kay!

Happy Monday!

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Spring is Here!

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Happy Birthday Dr. Kay McGuire!

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Hank and Gracie would like to say Happy Birthday to one of their favorite people in the whole world – Dr. Kay McGuire!  Like lots of other lucky puppies, she brought us both into the world and then had a major part in making sure we ended up as two of the most spoiled Westies on this planet! (We can’t help it!!)

Thank You – from the thousands of puppies Dr. McGuire has delivered at her office in Houston – and all the lucky humans who have them in their life!

Gracie’s Birthday!

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