gracie toy chest

Gracie recently did some modeling for Amanda Klaus Photography wearing some fabric with little white westies on it! The fabric is called Toy Chest by Penny Rose Fabrics – we are planning some new collars with this fabric.

cover girl

Gracie the Cover Girl!



carseat g  asleep on the beanbag chair   up early! first birthday

happy birthday

Gracie Turns 5


Gracie wants to adopt a rabbit at Tomlinsons. Probably not a good idea…



Before Gracie came to live with us she was a covergirl – that’s her above on the cover of Westie Imprint with the Saxaphone.  Gracie’s registered name is Billie Holliday – like the jazz singer.  She was also beginning her training as a show dog – but not very successfully. Gracie was just too friendly with the judges and evidently she didn’t know how to “turn it off” for the show ring and then turn it back on again – she’s a tail wagger 100% of the time! We were very lucky she was behaving like this when we called Dr. McGuire about a buddy for Hank  – Gracie immediately popped into her head.  It probably helped a little that Hank and Gracie are cousins – their moms are sisters.  While Dr. McGuire was getting her ready to be adopted she realized she had just begun to limp and discovered that she had a problem with one of her hips.  After a quick x-ray it was discovered that she had  Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease.  Dr. McGuire immediately fixed the problem with surgery.  After a couple of weeks of physical therapy she was ready to come live with us!!  We decided to give her a different name because we were afraid people would think both of the puppies were boys – it took a lot of family discussion – ultimately we were afraid she was going to have a limp when she walked and we thought she might need a little ‘grace’ in her life so we decided to call her Gracie.

We never have to worry about Gracie being able to keep up with Hank – she’s usually the one who wants to play and starts most of the games of chase in the evenings when we come home from walks.  We have a feeling that deep down inside Gracie thinks she is a great big dog – she LOVES to bark at other dogs…as long as they are big dogs.  Gracie also likes treats – A LOT!


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